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  How It Works?

At FMP we understand that transportation for most small to midsize organizations is not a core competency.

Most organizations are focused on delivering word class products, unparallel customer service, growing sales, employee development, developing new products and services. This list can be never ending. As business demands change and market forces create challenges, FMP ensures your organization has the best cost structures available to compete in your respective market segments.

Does your company measure transportations cost each year, each quarter or once a month?

Does your company know what it costs to ship to a certain geographic region or what it cost to ship your goods to certain clients? Are your vendors giving you the best transportation rates for your raw materials? Is your company using the correct modes of transportation based on the characteristics, distance and weight of your shipments for inbound,outbound and drop shipments? Does your company have instant information to shipment status, costs, and ever moving fuel costs?

These are just a few of the many other questions Freight Management can answer and provide to your organizational needs to compete and service customers at the most effective service and cost in the marketplace. Our core competency is Transportation.


Our experiences range from the carrier side, shipper side, both asset and non-asset based organizations, in multiple modes of transportation. We improve supply chains, lower transportation costs and bring a host of back office efficiencies to each client.

FMP will analyze your transportation cost, operations, customer service requirements, and internal service requirements to assure a customized tailored plan. This plan will improve profitability, free up employee time, efforts, and provide improved market competitiveness.

Let Freight Management Plus be your strategic transportation management company.

Our upfront analysis is free. You supply the necessary information, FMP delivers the results.

If we can or cannot help you save time and money we will inform you quickly. Just as human body needs a checkup or a car needs an annual inspection, Freight Management will review your supply chain free of charge.

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