Freight Management Plus
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Freight Management will perform a free transportation analysis in various modes at client’s direction. You provide the information and FMP will deliver the results.

Multi-Mode Transportation Management

FMP can handle your most basic to most complex transportation needs. FMP specializes in Less than Truckload, Small Package, Expedited, Intermodal, Warehousing, and International needs including Canada and Mexico.

Optimization Technology Tools

FMP Transportation Management System will help your organization optimize transportation costs and options. Our TMS will provide the best cost details and transit times to fit your clients outbound and inbound material shipments.

Freight Bill Audit & Payment Services

FMP will provide audit and freight payment services providing soft cost savings and back room efficiencies, eliminate duplicate payments, overbillings, and unnecessary paperwork and administration work from youre A/R and A/P departments.

Consolidated Invoicing & GL Coding Services

Cut one check a week not 5 to15 checks a week. FMP will consolidate your transportation invoices. FMP can also provide General Ledger Coding to allocate cost to proper buckets for management reporting and review. Eliminate time consuming work for your accounting department.

Carrier Management & Contract Negotiations

FMP will work with your transportation providers, providing the best solutions as the best cost. FMP will ensure your carriers are legally compliant, can perform the services you need to fit your supply chains demands and manage cost structure that are a win –win for all parties.

Executive & General Management Reporting Capabilities

FMP will provide visibility to your transportation cost structures by vendor, by lane, by customer and by carrier. Use our detailed reports to identify opportunities, trends, and visibility that most companies cannot achieve without significant IT resources.

Project Management

When your packages are ready to ship, project management is required to make sure of delivery. At FMP, we will fulfill the need to cost effectively track and maintain communication from all carriers involved with check in points along the way, keeping you informed with a thorough report.

Warehouse Modeling Scenarios

FMP will assist all clients with any necessary relocation of a warehouse and product. When the need arises to move your location or audit your current provider, FMP can step in and take over the warehousing logistics necessary for you to fulfill inbound and outbound shipments.

FMP specializes in all of the following transportation modes:

  • Less Than Truckload (LTL)
  • Small Package/Parcel
  • Expedited Air & Ground
  • Truck Load Shipments
  • Intermodal Transportation
  • International Air & Ocean
  • Transportation Multi-Mode

FMP Will:

  • Share findings for savings and opportunities to reduce cost and increase efficiencies.
  • Ensure we understand your business, client expectations and back-end operations.
  • Develop a tailored transportation program at client direction and FMP recommendations.
  • Perform and manage all carrier negotiations and contracts.
  • Implement our proven cost savings programs with quality assurances.
  • Measure and provide bottom line results through tailored reporting.
  • Guarantee savings and execution or each client’s individual program.
  • Provide management reporting to identify trends, cost expenditures and ongoing opportunities.