Freight Management Plus
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  Why FMP?

FMP Approach

FMP specializes in working with owners and executive management of small to mid-sized companies.

We thoroughly examine a client’s distribution process, from order entry to customer receipt, for the purpose of reducing costs and developing improved shipping and delivery systems – while providing proper levels of Customer Service.

Why Choose FMP?

What sets us apart from other transportation and logistics consulting firms is our dedication and personal attention we provide to our clients. Our extensive and practical industry experience offers clients a multitude of advantages. We help our clients operate more efficiently, while helping to minimize transportation and logistics costs.

Every Transportation Dollar saved goes directly to the bottom line.

FMP’s account analysis and methodology allows us to become familiar with each and every aspect of our clients' business. This enables us to provide insight and dissect our clients current operating patterns to improve supply chain efficiencies.

We consistently keep our clients ahead of the transportation curve with industry leading supply chain techniques and supporting technology. We monitor your business processes and the ever changing supply chain challenges to ensure our clients competitiveness within their respective markets.

We develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to identify trends, opportunities and improve visibility to cost structures allowing your organization to effectively manage expenses, profits and maximize opportunities.

Our Commitment to Operational Excellence

Our company continues to re-invest in its staff and in state-of-the-art technology. Our dedicated team of analysts is highly trained to search out and implement real solutions for our clients which results in significant savings. Our job is bringing order, efficiency and disciplines to your supply chain allowing you to focus on your business.


USPS Commercial

Portfolio of Customer Experience

FMP personel has worked with world class organizations, sharing best practices and solutions to improve supply chain efficiencies. Our experience ranges from OEM, Distributors, and Wholesalers in a broad range of commodities and products.

Industries include Industrial Pipe, Food Products, Specialty Steel & Copper, Automotive, Housing, Fabricators, Agriculture, Lighting, Rubber, Wire, Rope, Specialty Goods, Electronics ,Toys, Clothing, Hosing, Chemicals, Valves, Machinery, Textiles, and Metals.

Easy to Start – Easy to Execute

Our process is simple and it works. We begin with a comprehensive, confidential analysis of your freight transportation costs - inbound and outbound freight, third party shipments, analyzing all modes or one particular mode of transportation.

Modes include Less-than-Truckload (LTL), Small Package (UPS, FedEx) Full Truckloads, Intermodal, Expedited and International shipments. We put our negotiation skills, industry knowledge and combined buying power to work to show you the exact opportunities available. We combine our services with freight bill payment & audit, technology tools, and Key Performance indicators creating a constant measurement of our programs and your bottom line.